Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, part 1

I haven't been able to post as regular as I wish on this blog. Time flies by fast in Guadalajara even though classes are not taking up the whole day. I'm taking classes in Portuguese one hour daily and the photography classes are three days a week, 2-3 hours each. Anyway last weekend we did a trip to Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. Both towns are very beautiful with old colonial colorful buildings located in the centre of Mexico about 4-4,5 hours with bus from Guadalajara.  

We stayed in Guanajuato from friday to sunday and then we went to San Miguel de Allende. Guanajuato is a city to fall in love with! It's surrounded by mountains and there are lots of narrow and steep alleys with colorful houses to stroll through. The following are pictures from Guanajuato. 

There was a parade that took the half day and the main streets were closed and full with people. It was to commemorate a happening from the independence of Mexico. Students from schools, politicians, the mexican police and the army participated. Mexicans loves parades :P! 

The view from "El mirador del pipila"

Cathedral of Guanajuato (the yellow one) and the university (the white castle like house)

We got to see a beautiful rainbow that matched the colorful houses.

One of the ways to the famous "callejón del beso" (alley of the kiss)
In the alley of the kiss. A legend says a young couple who were forbidden to see each other lived in the two houses on the sides. The alley is so narrow so they could kiss secretly from the balconies. They say if you kiss here you will have 15 years of luck :P

Location of Guanajuato

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