The mexican street food is one of the many good things with this country :). It's very good, very cheap and there are places everywhere that are open late. Even in the smallest village you will find a simple street food stand that are open almost all night long. One of our favorite take out places to go to when we don't feel like making food at home is Garfiburger. It's really close to our home so we go here at least once a week and usually we order their specialty, baked potato with stuffing :). It's so cheap to eat take out food here so it's hard to motivate you to make food at home :S. 

The baked potato comes with butter, sour cream and bacon, but then you can add extra topping and choose from chorizo, mushrooms, shrimps, beef and some other things I don't remember at the moment. It's the same with the burger, you can add all kinds of filling and then they have a salad bar where you can choose from lettuce, onion, tomatoes, jalapeños and pickled cucumbers. We will miss this place when we go home!

Upper right side: A burger with mushrooms, bacon and cheese. Down from left: the baked potato with filling and the salad bar.  
The place is popular so during night time there's always people there.

Location of Garfiburger:


El Caribe!

Last week we went to the Caribbean coast to visit Playa del Carmen, Holbox and Cancun. The trip didn't turn out as we expected because of bad weather but in the end it turned out good anyway. Holbox which is an island partly in the caribbean sea and the Golf of Mexico was the part we had been looking forward to the most. It's a little paradise island were you can enjoy the calm and relaxed environment. There is a lot of wild animal life here and you can see animals such as flamingos, dolphins and crocodiles (we saw all of them). Anyway we had planned to stay there for four days but stayed only two because it was raining all the time so the sea was all mixed with rainwater and the beach was full with plants. So we changed our plan and headed off to Cancun instead (which was good because we didn't plan to visit Cancun so we hadn't got to see it otherwise.)

The first three days we stayed in Playa del Carmen (as planned). There we visited Tulum, the Cenote Cristalino and Xcaret. 

The beach in downtown Playa del Carmen
My favorite mexican chair at a bar in Playa del Carmen.

Maya ruins in Tulum
This is the beach were the ruins are in Tulum, unfortunately not lucky with the weather this day.

We stayed to eat lunch at a Hotel by the beach in Tulum

Cenote Cristalino, there are a lot of cenotes to visit on the Yucatan peninsula. The cenotes are rivers with cristal clear waters which can be subterranean or in the open air.  

One of the best days on the trip was in Xcaret, a partly natural amusement park were you can enjoy animals, rivers and beaches at the same time. 
Big sea turtles

And small protected ones waiting to be released in the sea.

People enjoying the beach in Xcaret, you could borrow inflatable swimming rings

In Holbox, unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures because I didn't want to ruin my camera in the rain, but I took a few with my cellphone. One of the days it was raining a little less so we rented bikes and went passed all the hotels to the end of the island and there we saw flamingos. 

This is what we looked like most of the time in Holbox :P. Unfortunately you didn't even enjoy walking in the town as you can see, but hopefully we will go back in the future at some other season.

The wild flamingos was the best part of Holbox.

The day we left I got to take some pictures from the ferry with my camera. Early in the mornings it wasn't raining so you could enjoy the views before the rain came. 

 The last two days we spent in Cancun. The only thing we did there was enjoying the beach because that was what had been looking forward to do in Holbox and in the night we went to a modern shopping mall called La Isla and saw a movie :P. Our hotel wasn't located on the beach but we found two nice public beaches to spend the day at. 

Playa Delfines, One of the public beaches in Cancun.

Playa Tortugas, here we had some really nice mexican sea food at a small genuine restaurant.

The places we went to:


Dia de los muertos, day of the dead

This weekend it was dia de los muertos, the day of the dead. It's the day when the mexicans honors and celebrates their dead family members and friends. It's a tradition to make an altar in purple and orange colors decorated with food, things they liked and skeletons to commemorate them. Earlier this week we went to Parque Morelos where they use to put up a market every year were they sell decoration for the altars. On the weekend we went to Panteon de Belen, which is the oldest cemetery in Guadalajara, famous for it's spooky legends, on a day tour (they say the night tour is a spectacular during these days but we didn't feel like standing in a line in the sun for 6 hours to get tickets so we took the day tour). Instead in the evening we went to Tlaquepaque where they had an altar exhibition and other events related to day of the dead. 

Traditional skulls made of sugar makes part of the decoration on the altar.
Small Catrinas as they are called on a market in Parque Morelos.

Skeletons doing their daily activities :).

You could find all kinds of professions such as nurses, chefs, dentists, guitarists and so on..
Traditional dolls made of papier mache. 

An altar in Tlaquepaque.

Self portrait :).

I think Rafael liked baseball when he was alive.