The pacific coast, Nayarit

We finally made it to the beach! The earlier planned trips had been canceled because of hurricane warnings and sickness. But this weekend we rented a little car and had off to the coast of Nayarit about three hours from Guadalajara. My grandparents have a house close to San Blas so we stayed there for three days and just enjoyed the beach life and the great sea food. This is a place I've been to a lot of times as a kid to spend the summer vacation at. The beaches around there are usually lonely at low season so it's really a place to relax. 

Jonas is excited to take his first swim. 
And off he goes!
Playa las Islitas

The restaurants has hammocks to relax in.
The water was nice and warm, like a hot tub!

Some reading... 

My grandparents house.

Playa los Platanitos

Playa de los cocos

...and some more reading. :P 

Location of the beaches


On the mexican countryside

A few weekends ago we went with my aunt to the countryside about 1 hour from Guadalajara. Her partner has a house in a park which is open for the public during daytime. It's a beautiful and calm place with a small river that runs through it, with places to have barbecue and volleyball and soccer fields. Perfect for the families to spend the day at.  It is very green with lots of crops and surrounded by cornfields. 

Wide trees by the river.
Mexican bule, a big fruit that looks like a pear. It cannot be eaten but in the old times they dried them and used them as water bottles. Today it is often used as decoration. 
The citrus fruit lima

One of Mexico's most important crop, the corn

Another important crop, beans, here they are hung up to dry. 

Two very nice mexican farmers and cow buts :).

My aunt.
The farmers made us Pajaretes, a drink made of the milk directly from the cow, chocolate powder and liquor.


El Sonidero, martes de lucha libre + cumbia

Guadalajara is the city of bars, cafes and restaurants! I think you can be here for an entire year without being close to explore all of them. Here it doesn't matter what day it is, you can go out every night of the week if you want to. Many of the bars has their "special day" on which for example drinks are 2 for 1 and you need to know what day it is, cause one day it can be crowded and the next day it's empty or even closed. 

El Sonidero is a place we recently discovered and we have been there twice now. I think it's great because of their fun and friendly staff, their cool decoration (very kitsch!), great music (you can dance there the whole night long!) and their tuesdays of lucha libre+cumbia! Lucha libre is a sort of mexican free wrestling/fight and it's crazy! It's a lot of show in the fights and the crowd usually gets crazy screaming bad words (but in a friendly sort of way). It's a very mexican thing you have to experience to understand. Anyway, El Sonidero makes the lucha libre+cumbia tour every tuesday. This means that for 150 pesos (around 12 USD or 75 SEK) they take you to the "luchas" with a tour bus where they play cumbia music and gives beer and then take you back to their place to dance cumbia, everything is included in the price. It's a very fun tour that I really recommend!

Above from left: Jonas and Fumi from Japan, the nice german backpacker Pia. Below: the luchas arena and on the cumbia bus. 

Lucha poster and parts of the interior is decorated with caps. 
The place is pretty small but everyone is dancing :), the decoration is very kitsch, like the DJ booth with oilcloths!
Photography: Joselito Mezcal. Me and my cousin on the tour bus on the way to the luchas.

Location of the El Sonidero

Location of the lucha libre, Arena Coliseo