The pacific coast, Nayarit

We finally made it to the beach! The earlier planned trips had been canceled because of hurricane warnings and sickness. But this weekend we rented a little car and had off to the coast of Nayarit about three hours from Guadalajara. My grandparents have a house close to San Blas so we stayed there for three days and just enjoyed the beach life and the great sea food. This is a place I've been to a lot of times as a kid to spend the summer vacation at. The beaches around there are usually lonely at low season so it's really a place to relax. 

Jonas is excited to take his first swim. 
And off he goes!
Playa las Islitas

The restaurants has hammocks to relax in.
The water was nice and warm, like a hot tub!

Some reading... 

My grandparents house.

Playa los Platanitos

Playa de los cocos

...and some more reading. :P 

Location of the beaches

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  1. Ett litet hus vid havet? Jag har för mig att det finns ett till mycket större också, mittemot...Att städa alla rummen från kryp tar en halvdag minst (vet av egen erfarenhet) Ove L