On the mexican countryside

A few weekends ago we went with my aunt to the countryside about 1 hour from Guadalajara. Her partner has a house in a park which is open for the public during daytime. It's a beautiful and calm place with a small river that runs through it, with places to have barbecue and volleyball and soccer fields. Perfect for the families to spend the day at.  It is very green with lots of crops and surrounded by cornfields. 

Wide trees by the river.
Mexican bule, a big fruit that looks like a pear. It cannot be eaten but in the old times they dried them and used them as water bottles. Today it is often used as decoration. 
The citrus fruit lima

One of Mexico's most important crop, the corn

Another important crop, beans, here they are hung up to dry. 

Two very nice mexican farmers and cow buts :).

My aunt.
The farmers made us Pajaretes, a drink made of the milk directly from the cow, chocolate powder and liquor.

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