San Luis Potosí, La Huasteca Potosina, day 3

On the third day we went back to Guadalajara. But we got up early to be able to do some stops on the road. La Huasteca potosina has a lot of beautiful places to offer with it's beautiful nature, rivers, lagoons and waterfalls. For the adventurous one I can really recommend to do the rafting! We were going to try other water activities as well with the organization Huaxteca, like climbing down waterfalls and jumping, but because of the rain season they were canceled. The rivers had a lot of water as you can see below! It was still worth the trip anyway. If you want to visit the Huasteca it is recommended to go between November-Februaray, because it's not raining anymore and it's not too hot. Personally I've been there in May once before and the waters were amazing and as far as I remember it wasn't too hot either.  

At some Huastecan ruins

Tamasopo, a nice and calm place to swim at when it's not rain season. See the comparision below. 

Our guide to Puente de Dios
Puente de Dios, here you can normally swim as well when it's not rain season, and there is a really cool cave you can go into.

Here is what I mean. If you want to visit La Huasteca Potosina and enjoy swimming in the waters go when it's not rain season. Above: Puente de Dios in May and September, below: Tamasopo in May and September.
Locations of Tamasopo and Puente de Dios

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