San Luis Potosí, La Huasteca Potosina, day 2

On the Sunday we made an excursion to the surrealist castle of the poet Edward James and the village Xilitla. The castle was impressive with a lot of sculptures, stares and bridges in weird shapes and angles, everything made in concrete. And it was in the middle of a tropical forest by a waterfall. 

The bus stopped on the road and we tried Zacahuil which is a Tamale with the size of approx. 1 m. 

On our way to the surrealist castle. 
Amallely, Pepe and one of the guides
The castle

Impressive architecture at the castle. This waterfall was surrounding the buildings.

In the garden there were lots of wild plants and flowers of all kind.

And also animals

These spiders were everywhere and they were huge!

The village Xilitla was also very nice and charming with old colorful houses in between the 
green mountains. 

The town of Xilitla

A traditional sunday market that you find everywhere in Mexico

On the market you could buy real frogs converted into wallets...(!?)

The church and plaza is decorated with the mexican colors of the flag to celebrate independence day

They are watching a pole covered with grease, the person who can climb up the pole wins the prices that were attached up there :P.. 

Ama y Pepe

Local people from the village dancing to live music

Almost everyone wore hats like this

In the old times this was an area for barbers

Location of Xilitla

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