Another friends visit :)

After christmas and new years we had another visit from two friends from Sweden. We took them to places in Guadalajara and one day we went to Chapala, the biggest lake in Mexico which is about 1 hour outside of Guadalajara. We also went to the coast again (:D) and we stayed 3 days in Puerto Vallarta and another 3 days at my grandparents house in Nayarit. 

Lago de Chapala, Lake of Chapala

We found these parrots eating in a tree close to our apartment in Guadalajara

Ida on our way up to a hill to watch the view over Chapala

This looked like the stork with a baby delivery by its side.

Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta we had about two and a half days. One day we spent the whole day at a beautiful beach (I don't remember the name unfortunately) that is empty from restaurants and hotels.  You find the beach south of the center of Vallarta almost where the city ends.

The other day we took a boat tour to the Islas Marietas, which are protected eco islands. There are nothing else than wild animal life on the islands, a lot of birds. In one of the islands there is a hole where the water comes in and inside there is a small beach, really nice. The only way to get in is by swimming, so we did that. We also got to see dolphins and whales on the way to the islands, the whales were jumping everywhere and really close. So that was really nice!  

From the rooftop at the Hotel Amaca where we stayed.
The view from the hotel rooftop.

Street in the Amapas zone and Muelle de Playa los Muertos
Playa de los Muertos

The lonely beach in Vallarta

Dolphins on our way to Islas Marietas. Photography: Vallarta Adventures
Humpback whales. Photography: Vallarta Adventures
We got to see two whales jumping at the same time! Photography: Vallarta Adventures

Part of the islands. Photography: Vallarta Adventures
Blue footed booby birds. Photography: Vallarta Adventures

On our way to the "whole" in the island. Photography: Vallarta Adventures
Photography: Vallarta Adventures
Inside the island. Photography: Vallarta Adventures

Photography: Vallarta Adventures

The Pacific Coast in Nayarit

Simply our favorite place to go to on the coast.

Playa de los Cocos

Sunset watching at La Boca in Santa Cruz

You can't watch the sunset without some snacks :P!

The house

Getting ready for the beach.
We did some boogie boarding.

Jonas to the right spotting a bigger wave.

And Ida caught it!

Photography: Alexander Eriksson

We also went to see some wild crocodiles close to San Blas.

Watching us behind the grass
We got to see him catching something to eat, that was scary but exciting!

We found an injured baby crocodile on the road and we didn't dare to move it but luckily this brave man did. We hope he made it. Photography: Alexander Eriksson

This is paradise. Photography: Alexander Eriksson

Photography: Alexander Eriksson

Photography: Alexander Eriksson

The Agave fields outside Tequila

On our way home we made a stop in Tequila and the fields outside. 

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