Christmas and new years holidays

For christmas and new years we had visit from Jonas cousin and husband. Also my sister with family is around. We spent the days before christmas in Guadalajara and for new years we went to the coast of Nayarit. We enjoyed the days at the beach although we weren't lucky with the weather. One day we went whale watching, that was really exciting!

During our days in Guadalajara we made an excursion to visit a Tequila factory and the village of Tequila. 

Chopped Agave plants ready to become Tequila.

The Agave fields.

To cut the plants they use this tool.

Ducks taking a siesta :P.

Strawberry margarita!

The village of Tequila

The pacific coast of Nayarit
For the 25th we went to the beach and the first two days were really nice and sunny and then the clouds came with rain for the rest of the week :S. 

My cute nephew and niece happy on the beach :).

The view from the rooftop on my grandmothers house. 

The plaza of San Blas
Ice cream brake on the first cloudy day.

But the sun came out for a while so we could enjoy a swim right before sunset

One of the cloudy and rainy days turned out really good anyway on the beach. We had a swim in the ocean right next to a beautiful river and tried lobster for the first time!
Where is the "sol y mar"?

Here is where the river meets the ocean.

Lobster on the beach!

We went whale watching from the harbor of San Blas.

My beautiful nephews ready to watch whales!
And finally we saw them!
One of the whales were waiving to us :)!

And we got to see a jump too!

Blue footed booby birds :).

Colorful fruit stands on the way home to Guadalajara.

The last day with Marie and Joel we went to Tlaquepaque which is a nice area in the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara. They sell a lot of hand crafts and have live mariachi music.  

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