My photography exhibition at Colegio de Fotografía de Occidente

During our stay in Mexico I studied a six month photography course at a very warm and welcoming little private school called Colegio de Fotografia de Occidente. To get the diploma the final thing you had to do was having an exhibition with an optional theme. My theme was "Colores de Mexico" (colors of Mexico) since I love everything that the colorful mexican culture has to offer. 

This will be the final post on this blog for this time. Now a new phase and life back in Sweden starts. 

A part of my class that had the exhibition and the school principal and my teacher in the middle. Photography : Colegio de Fotografía de Occidente

My exhibition with the theme "Colores de Mexico":

Title: Opciones

Title: Fiesta

Title: Deseos de bailar

Title: Vamos a la calle

Title: El glamour de la muerte

Title: El primero

Title: Ya le diste una, ya le diste dos...

Title: Nececidades

Title: Lo dulce de la vida

Title: La gran familia

Title: Reina de Mexico

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